“A Lifelong Love of Formula Junior” written by Art Hebert for Victory Lane Magazine

January 1st, 2022

“Looking back I had forgotten that my very first race was in a Formula Junior.

In the mid 1980s my dad, Bob Hebert, called and asked if I had heard anything about something called “vintage racing.” Nope, I hadn’t. He said he found an old race car in Vermont that we should look at. So, on a snowy winter day, we went to Vermont and bought a 1959 Moorland Formula Junior.” (pg 45 – 46)

To celebrate the new Formula Junior races and all new nationwide Formula Junior Championship opening this year, Art was asked to share his experiences racing Formula Junior.

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Art will be racing the 1963 Lola Mk.5A Formula Junior at the CSRG (Classic Sports Racing Group) David Love Vintage Car Races at Sonoma Raceway  this weekend, 4/1 – 4/3, 2022.