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Prospective Dealers:

Used Dealer – and Auto Broker – Application Forms

These are the official DMV forms you will need to complete to get your dealership license, and auto broker license, if you want that too. These are PDF forms that you can fill out on-line, print, and submit to the DMV to obtain your license. Dealer Main Application Forms Packet

Used Dealer or Dealer Wholesale Only Application Checklist

This is a DMV provided checklist of the required forms and associated fees. Used Dealer or Dealer Wholesale Only Application Checklist

DMV Vehicle Registration Procedures for Dealers and Registration Services

This is a great guide to preparing the DMV paperwork when you sell a vehicle. This page contains the DMV Handbook “Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual”.
DMV Vehicle Registration Resource Page

Dealer Contracts and Other Dealer Forms

Below are two of the major form providers to dealers in California, these are the most popular with our students. You can go to their websites and obtain a free booklet showing you all the forms they have available.
BPI Auto Forms
Reynolds & Reynolds

Dealer Insurance

Although the DMV does not require proof of insurance to issue your dealer license and dealer plates, you will need to get at least minimum liability insurance to cover your dealer plate(s) for when you use them to drive your vehicles. Proof of insurance will also be required by dealer auctions when you want to register to bid with them. You can check out a sample auto dealer insurance company, what they offer, and what they charge, at Once you determine what level of coverage you would like and the typical cost for it, then contact your own insurance company to see if they offer similar products. If so, you may get a better rate as their pre-existing customer.

California Vehicle Code Book

This contains many of the laws regulating dealers, plus other auto-related laws such as traffic and speeding violations. Use this book to help run your dealership, and to defend against traffic tickets. You can purchase one at your local DMV, or view an online version here.

DMV Inspector’s Offices

This is the list of Inspector Offices locations and contact info. After attending Pre-Licensing, you will contact the Inspector nearest you to schedule your official DMV licensing exam. (This information will also be provided during your Pre-Licensing class) DMV Inspector Offices by Location

OL 45 Form Application for Renewal of License

For licensed dealers, who need to renew their license. This form accompanied by a Continuing Education certificate and the DMV fees are required to renew a dealer license every two years. The DMV will mail out official forms to dealers who are up for renewal, but if you would like to renew early you can use this form. OL45 Form Application for Renewal of License

Documentation to be posted on the dealership wall:

Prospective Purchaser Inspection Notice, 3-23-16

NO COOLING OFF PERIOD notice, 3-23-16

Motorsports Market Online Course Book

This is our abbreviated online course book, which  is free and always accessible on our website for review. Go to the Course Book

Licensed Dealers:

Unsure about the new report of sale process?

Head to our DMV News page for a breakdown of Assembly Bill 516, the Business Partner Automation Program and Fairfax Imaging.

Certified Vehicle Registration Services is a subscription service available only to licensed dealers. Dealers can instantly check the California DMV’s database of vehicles for registration status, registration penalties owed, vehicle ownership and liens, accident history, salvage titles, Lemon Law titles, other branded titles and odometer history.

Dept. of Tax and Fee Administration

If you have dealer tax questions, you can learn more using the Tax Guide for motor Vehicle Dealers found on the California Dept. of Tax and Fee Administration website:

Form Providers:

Law Printing/Reynolds & Reynolds – & BPI –

Summary of Standard Documentation Required to Transfer (sell) Vehicles

General Sale Outline (from Motorsports Market Pre-Licensing Course Book)